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Warehouse Steel Mezzanine Systems suppliers
Our History
Current Situation and Development Foreground of the Company
Jiangsu Welfor Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the professional racking system and shelving manufacturer in china, we specialize in supplying various storage equipment systems. Including warehouse racking industrial racking, mobile racking, shelving, warehouse mezzanine, cantilever racking, pallet trucks, toll racks, live storage, and more, each of our products features sensible structure, stylish design, reliable quality, and high stability, they are widely used for storing or handling goods logistic center, warehouse, supermarkets, office and libraries, etc. The factory locates in the most important high-tech development zone of Nanjing, where is close to airport, highway, and seaport. Convenient transportation helps to reduce our production cost, as well as you products shipment cost.
Since our establishment in 1991, we have devoted ourselves to provide high quality pallet racking, mobile racking, industrial shelving, and other storage equipment at a competitive price. In order to accomplish this, we have taken a series of quality and cost control measures. For example, we use rolling ,CO2 gas shielding welding ,anti rusting , Parkerizing and other pre-treatment technology when producing our heavy duty shelving, pallet racking, etc. we also provide special training for our staff to help them master each manufacturing skills ,thus improving production efficiency and saving on labor costs. Additionally, We give much attention to brand building and products innovation, investing much on training our research and development engineers to improve their skills, now, this team is capable of designing a wide variety of stylish and practice storage systems for our customers, your special requests can also be satisfied.
With this effort, we have passed ISO9001:2000 certification and all of our products comply with the AS4084-2012 standard, this enable us to serve our customer in any market.
To better serve our customer, we have established a complete pre-sale and after-sale service system. We can offer samples of industrial racking, samples of warehouse racking and mobile racking to you free. If you have placed order, we will provide you with spare wearing parts for you storage systems, moreover all of our products come with a 5-years warranty, so you can feel secure in having any problem solved which you may encounter while using our products, OEM service is also available, upon request.
Our effort are appreciated by our customers and our self support racking , warehouse racking, industrial racking ,pallet racking are well received in more than 40 countries, such as USA, Canada, Australian, New Zealand, Europe, Japan, South African.
Please contact us if you want to get more information and look forward to working with you.
Our Factory
Our factory has totally 35000 square meters, we have more than 200 workers and staff, that allows us to export at lease 90 containers per month. We have many advanced facilities including 4 automatic punching line and 15 profiling machines, 4 No. of sawing machines, 20 CO2 welding machines, total 350 meters long automatic powder coated line including pre-processing, powder coated separate room and baking processing which is Nordson system imported from American, we can power coated maximum 11.9 meters components in one piece.
Our Product
Pallet Rack
Regular aisle Selective pallet racking
Drive in Pallet racking
Double deep pallet racking
Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking
Radio shuttle Pallet rack
American teardrop pallet rack
50mm Pitch Europe Standard Heavy Duty Pallet Rack
75mm Pitch Heavy Duty Pallet Rack
76.2mm Pitch Australian Standard Heavy Duty Pallet Rack
Pallet rack Accessories
Wide span shelving
Heavy duty shelving
Boltfree shelving
Rivets shelving
Slotted angle shelving
Cantilever Rack
Heavy duty cantilever rack
Very heavy duty Cantilever rack
Medium duty cantilever rack
Light duty cantilever rack
Rack Supported Mezzanine
structural steel Mezzanine
Dynamic rack
Push back Pallet racking
Pallet flow rack
Carton flow rack
Wire Mesh Products
Anti-collaspe Wire mesh
Indoor seperation net
Wire mesh decks
Our Certificate
Name: ISO 9001:2000
Reference: ISO 9001:2000 is the international standard for quality management systems. The focus is on quality management; that is , what a company does to fulfill the customer’s quality requirements and applicable regulatory requirements, while enhancing customer satisfaction and achieving continual improvement of its performance in pursuing these objectives.
Name: AS4084-2012
Reference: AS4084-2012(Australian Standard for Steel Storage Racking) is the new testing code. We have our racking specifically designed and manufactured to comply with Australian AS4084-2012 and have our racking tested independently from Melbourne’s Monash University civil engineering faculty in Australian. We have AS4084 full engineering test reports and issue a genuine standards certificate of compliance that can be presented to OH&S officers at any safety inspection, you can be confident in the knowledge that you are buying a superior products at a reasonable price without any of importing or liability risks involved.
Production Market
Welfor export at 700 containers to more than 30 countries, such as, U.S., Middle east, south American, Australia, etc per year. Provide product advice, complex projects and the latest strategies for logistics tasks.
Our Service
Before installation of a storage system, it is essential to study and analysis the needs and possibilities of the company.
At request of clients&#65292;Welfor appoint professional engineers to work out the feasible implementation program.
Take care of the whole process of plan, design, costing, transportation and implementing the operation of the installation.
Welfor implements storage system tailored to your needs.
Solution Design
Welfor has an in-house staff of Solution Consultants whose expertise is optimizing your company’s material and information flow. Backed by a full complement of engineering disciplines, computer modeling and CAD resources, we have successfully designed and built thousands of cost-effective solutions for all facets of manufacturing and distribution.
Welfor is committed to your project success through a win-win combination of your business knowledge and our technology and risk management expertise. Working with Welfor to fulfill your design needs assures you:
&#9679; An expert staff available when needed
&#9679; The immediate availability of virtually any technical discipline and skill set realistic project budgets and timelines
&#9679; Vendor partnerships that minimize schedules and risk, facilitating faster investment returns
Our comprehensive approach is designed to provide maximum value to our customers. We work with you in developing precise project requirements, which evolve into the “best-fit” solution, budget and transition plan, and all designs and steel section choose all based on our structure engineer's precise calculating.
Calculation Type Selection
We own a professional project design team and specialized in the solution a variety of logistics project. All project strict accordance with engineering design and structural mechanics theory. To ensure the load capacity to create the best in product selection, we utilizing computer modeling and CAD software design. We in this industry have designed tens of thousands of excellent logistics solutions for shelf dealer and final client.
We pay very much attention to our export packages. use professional package wrapping machine in a service to meet the long distance shipping time.
For example, we have the plastic clips to protect the beams from abrasion during the transportation; We have got the whole uprights wrapped with transparent plastic film.
You will find more details which show about our consideration.
Installation Instruction
For all projects, before customers arrange installation works, we would provide with detailed 3D assembly drawings to help and guide with the installation works onsite,
Excellent quality ensures 10 years warranty
Welfor high standards in the design and manufacturing of the systems enables Maxrac to support its products with a 10 years Warranty, the longest manufacturer’s warranty in the industry.

Our promise is for life
Over 15 years of experience goes into every product Welfor makes, when we guarantee the structural integrity of our products for 10 years, it really means something. We’ve been the leading manufacturer of storage systems and we’re here to say:
You’re in good company
DHL, H&M has our pallet racking, UPS,Foever 21 has our Mezzanine system in their facility and so does Walmart,Fanuc. They are just a few more of the many customers who trust Welfor products to make their businesses work better. Call us today to explore what Welfo can do for you.Warehouse Steel Mezzanine Systems suppliers

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