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Semi Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine price< Sujet précédent  Sujet suivant >
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France.gif Ojdeuyns7
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Inscrit(e) le: 30/04/2020
Posté le 30/04/2020 05:09  
Semi Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine price
Reciprocating Forming Machine is a type of pulp molding machine for making small and middle capacity.
Reciprocating machine do vertical reciprocating motion of lower die, the lower die absorb pulp to form wet products and transfer to the upper die, then the upper die will transfer the wet products to the drying line. Without manual operation, machine can automatically finish the job. Under full automatic operation, the whole line do not need any manual working for pulping, forming, drying and stacking system. For semi automatic production line, it usually have no drying system and stacking system, so it will need manual operation to get the wet products from the Reciprocating Forming Machine and manually transfer to the drying method.
Small reciprocating forming machine is main for small output of 400pcs/hr -1000pcs/hr. By changing the molds, the reciprocating forming machine can produce egg tray, egg carton, fruit tray, wine tray, cup tray, and other industrial package.
ZH Pulp Moulded dedicated to this industry for over 30 years with rich experience and first class technical team.We have support many valued customers to choose right proposal with lifelong sales service. Small Reciprocating Egg Tray Forming Machine stands high on quality, performance, durability, reliability, efficiency and has a long service life. We have stock machine in factory. It is available at reasonable prices in the market among that of our competitors.
Reciprocating Forming Machine Features:
• manual safe and easy to operate
• require low maintenance of the machine
• steady construction & cheap small machine
• accurate design with dimensional accuracy
Reciprocating Forming Machine Line Main System:
pulping system: Hydraulic pulper, 2 sets of agitator, pulp stock pump, water pump,
forming system: 1set of reciprocating forming machine, 1 forming pallet, 1 transferring pallet.
drying system: sun dry or oven dry
auxiliarty equipments: vacuum pump, air compressing system(air compressor, filter, air storage tank, and air freeze dryer).
Mould: copper, alluminium, alloy alluminium and plastic materials of the mold for choice.
Capacity: 400pcs/hr, 500pcs/hr, 600pcs/hr, 700pcs/hr, 800pcs/hr, 1000pcs/hr
If you have any questions or special requirements of the machine line, please feel free to contact us.Semi Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine price

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