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Aluminum Frame Extrusion Profiles Free Sample
Jiangsu Hongji Aluminium Technology CO.,LTD (established in 1999) is a manufacturer which produce aluminum profile and wire early in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai district. The company specializes in the production of aluminum ally wires, shape profiles and various of industrial aluminum materials for over 20 years.
In 2012, company was honored Private Technology Enterprise and High-technology Enterprise. In the same year, the company set up branch Co: Jiangsu Ganglan New Material Technology Co,Ltd., specialized in the production of aluminum magnesium alloy wire, subsidiary in the division of beautiful Hongze lake, covers an area of 150 acres, plant area more than 65’000 square meters.
The company has 16 sets of advanced smelting furnace, 50 sets of first drawn machine, 30 sets of water tank type wire drawing machines, and have a continuous extrusion wire drawing machine which is controlled by gas automatic temperature, belong to the first class, quality of the products is in the domestic industry leading position. The turn out of 2016 meet 100000 tons.
One belief leads one small step forward every day
Looking back to two decades’ history, Hongji has been stepping forward among trials and hardships in a course through both spring of policy environment and winter of financial crisis. It is all obstacles that help create a monument for Hongji.
100% efforts create brilliantness
Based on two decades of accumulated strength, with all staff of Hongji having been working hand in hand with solidarity, Hongji has rised up taking shape and become the industry leader in equipment, resources, R&D, manufacturing, market coverage and user reputation.
R&D strength
In order to meet the needs of the era of rapid development with a greater life and production security of human society, Hongji has been committed to continuous research and development of aluminum profiles and alloy wires in the past two decades with its comprehensive, multi-level and ladder-type talent team, having achieved over 800 national patents. Series of high-quality aluminum profile and wire with good airtight, watertight, soundproof and energy-saving performance developed by Hongji products of the same type. All of the existing products on sale, including the aluminum profile and wire have been well received by the users and won praise from the customers.
To meet customers’ expectations of product delivery requirements and service requirements, Hongji has sound quality management system, process management system and product management system.
To strictly control product quality, Hongji implements full control over feed inspection and test, process inspection and test, finished product inspection and test and factory inspection; LPSK also strictly monitors product quality through the quality management system, process management system and seamless product check. With professional product design, dedicated manufacturing technology and strict inspections and tests, Hongji provides customers with high-performance and high-quality goods.
Hongji always believes that: quality lies in good design and manufacturing, so we focus more on technology update in respect of product design and process design; we also focus on quality, efficiency, innovation and reputation under the goal of customer satisfaction and quality management purposes always as prevention and continuous improvement.
Executive Team
People work together with heart and soul, that’s what’s called teamwork. Such is the way in which Hongji gathers a large group of pioneering and innovative professional managers. Based on industry experience of many years and adhering to the people-oriented management philosophy, they rely on each other with mutual trust and support, which all make them an executive team with strategic vision and executive effective efficiency.
With mutual respect due to transposition thinking, they coordinate well with each other and absolute sincerity through continuous communication without drawbacks.
Not only have they brought numerous great achievements to Hongji in the past two decades, but they will also win more brilliant performance for Hongji in the future.
Equipment And Technology
Hongji deeply understands that an enterprise with great faith and future ambitions is bound to grasp opportunities to invest in production equipment with a broad and long-term view, and only those with advanced equipment and process may obtain hardware advantages and overdo others. To ahieve excellent product quality and market reputation, Hongji has invested heavily to obtain 30 world’s top import extruders, 4 electrophoresis production lines, 3 coating production lines, 3 wood grain production lines, 2 barrier strip production lines, 2 eliasson casting production lines, deep-processing equipment, mold center and an automatic aluminum warehouse with 1008 locations. Such advanced security equipment provide products of Hongji with a superior quality guarantee.Hongji Know totally owns 14 sets of Granco Clark automatic dual traction and in-line quenching systems, where the hot shear furnaces are full sets of US imports. Such equipment has stable working conditions with little energy consuption and low waste rate in addition to a high output speed and effeciency.Hongji is not only the only certified user of weather-resistant products of AKZO NOBEL in east China, but has also introduced GEMA fast color change powder coating system, both of which ensure a spray environment of high quality and efficiency. In addtion, Hongji applies world-class coating materials wiht lasting colorsand high corrosion and wear resistance. All spray products of LPSK meet GB, AAMA and QUALICOAL standards.
Hongji has a complete manufacturing hardware environment, well trained high-tech host operators, excellent production process and technology, modern SAP management system, full set of import electrophoresis production line, suppliers of high-quality chemical raw materials and stable production and on-site management to ensure the perfect surface treatment of Hongji products.With many professional design and processing staff, the mold production center has been processing in processing and design capabilities since established in 2005, and the annual output has achieved 6,000 sets. Hongji also has imports of CNC machining centers and wire electrical discharging machine, EDM, vacuum heat treatment furnace and other processing equipment to ensure the accuracy of mold processing. Ranging from &#8750;160mm to &#8750;520mm, mold raw steel materials are imported from Japan and Germany to ensure a long life cycle.Hongji is also equiped with a Korea-design horizontal oxidation production line control room with a monthly production of 1200 tons.
Honours of Hongji not only demonstrate excellence, but is also a reward of hard work the two decades. Faced with all kinds of recognition and encouragement given by the society, Hongji shall feel less grateful than a sense of responsibility and encouragement to be determined in the pursuit of excellence witout ever stop.
Famous brand in Jiangsu
High-tech Industry
ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification
Military Quality Management System Certification
National Building Materials AAA Level Quality Service Credit Enterprise
Energy-saving Products
Excellent Foreign Invested Enterprise
AAA-level Credit Enterprise
Certificate of High & New Technological Products
Enterprises in Energy-saving ProfilesAluminum Frame Extrusion Profiles Free Sample

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